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(Category: Political Jokes)
No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.

(Category: Dirty Jokes)
Why do women like hunters?
  1. They go deep into the bush
  2. They always shoot twice
  3. They always eat what they shoot

(Category: Political Jokes)
I heard that one of Pat Buchanan's relatives died at Auschwitz.

Evidently he fell out of the guard tower.

(Category: Miscellaneous)
Two sisters lived together, and one became quite ill. Actually
her doctor told her she had but a short time to live. She spoke
to her sister and said, "Jennie, when I die and you put up a
gravestone. I want you to inscribe it just the way I tell you.
"I want them to put my name on it and underneath":


She died shortly thereafter, and Jennie went to the maker
of tombstones and explained what inscription she wanted. The
gravestone maker told her that there were simply too many
words to be put on a headstone.

Jennie complained that those words were her sisters dying
request and the gravestone maker reassured her that he would
see what he could do.

In about a month the gravestone maker called Jennie and told
her the tombstone was ready, and that he had complied with her
dead sisters wishes as best as he could. Jennie looked at the
tombstone and across the top was her sister's name just as she
had asked, and underneath that was printed:


(Category: Miscellaneous)
A guy walks into a bar and orders 3 shots of Jack Daniels and slams them all down in a flash. He looks at the bartender and orders 3 more and does the same thing. By now the bartender is wondering what is wrong with this guy so he asks him what his problem is. The guy looks up and says " I don't have a problem, I'm celebrating my first blow job!" The bartender looks with a smile and says," well that's just dandy, let me get the next one!" "No thanks", says the guy, "if 6 shots won't wash the taste out, the 7th won't help either!!!"


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