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(Category: Miscellaneous)

You're a redneck if .... The most serious loss from the earthquake was your Conway Twitty record collection
(you insurance man is one too if he pays you for it).

(Category: Miscellaneous)
A first-grade class is having a game of Name That Animal. The teacher held up a picture of a cat. "What animal is this?" she asked. "A cat!" said Eddie. "Good job! Now, what is this animal?" "A dog!" said Eddie. "Good! Now what animal is this?" she asked, holding up a picture of a Deer. The class fell silent. After a couple of minutes, the teacher said, "It's what your mom calls your dad." "A horny bastard," called out Eddie.

(Category: Miscellaneous)
the patato says you should fell sorry for me my owner cuts me up and puts me in a salad, the banana says you should fell sorry for me my owner takes my close of and eats me,and the dick says you should fell sorry for me my owner put a rubber baloon on me and puts me in a sticky hole and makes me do pushups intull i throw up

(Category: Miscellaneous)
A sexy lady in a bar walks up to the counter and motions the bartender over. She starts to run her fingers through his hair and asks to speak to the manager. The bartender says, ''He isn't here but I can do anything the manger can do for you.'' By this time the lady is running her fingers down his face and into his mouth and is letting him suck on her fingers.

She says, ''You're sure he isn't here?''

The bartender says, ''Yes, I'm very sure.''

The lady says, ''Well, I just wanted to tell him there's no toilet paper or soap in the women's restroom.''

(Category: Blonde Jokes)
Why is a washing machine better than a blonde?

Because you can drop your load in a washing machine, and it won't follow you around for a week.


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